Our Strategy

Vision Statement

We are working toward a future in which everyone has access to the connections, opportunities, supports and services they need to live full lives in vibrant, sustainable rural communities.

Mission Statement

We offer innovative holistic programs to support children, youth, adults, seniors and families to learn new skills, build on their strengths, access supports and services, and work together to nurture positive individual and community growth.

Our Strengths & Values

The following principles are at the heart of our approach:

  • We believe that everyone matters; we work to make space where everyone belongs.
  • We advocate on behalf of & with community members managing vulnerable situations.
  • We offer our community an open & safe place.
  • We create opportunities for social inclusion & engagement.
  • We work to be flexible, innovative & responsive to community needs.
  • We support people to connect with community services.
  • We value transparency in all our relationships & interactions.

Strategic Directions & Community Partnering Priorities

The following three strategic directions will guide our actions over the next three years.

Strategic Directions

Access & Inclusion

Increase and sustain access to programming for all community members, particularly our most vulnerable.


  • Identify and address barriers to ensure anyone can access our programs. [Number and type of barriers identified and addressed]
  • Pilot innovative programming to meet the needs of community members in vulnerable circumstances including those most affected by the issue and those who have historically been excluded
    [Number and types of new initiatives]
  • Partner with existing organizations/agencies that serve vulnerable people. [Number of new initiatives developed in partnership with others]
  • Further develop and build sustainability for our programs.
    [Evidence of fund and relationship development]

Food Security

Increase availability of, and access to, healthy food for all.


  • Implement programs that promote community food security. [Number of new programs developed or partnerships formed]
  • Increase access to healthy food and nutrition information through all programming.
    [Evidence of ways food and nutrition are included in programming]
  • Assist community members to access healthy food. [Number of community members assisted]
  • Strengthen our partnership with the Food Bank.
  • Expand our community garden(s).

Telling Our Story

Raise awareness of CRC’s programs, services and impact.


  • Increase our outreach and communication efforts to promote our programs to residents, partners, local governments and funders.
    [Number, type and frequency of efforts made to raise awareness]
  • Improve internal communication to ensure all staff members are aware of all CRC programs and services. [Number, type and frequency of efforts made to raise awareness]
  • Develop an agency-wide evaluation strategy.
    [Evaluation plan, reports, annual report]

Community Partnering Priorities

The CRC will continue to support individuals and collaborate with other organizations to address the following issues which affect our community.

Affordable Housing

Collaborate with other organizations to increase access to safe, healthy, affordable housing for all.


  • Support other organizations to research, and develop affordable accessible housing.
  • Assist community members to access housing supports and services.

Community Transportation

Collaborate with other organizations to explore transportation options for our rural residents and communities.


  • Support other organizations to further develop sustainable community transportation options.
  • Assist community members to access formal and informal transportation options.