Girls Rising

GIRLS RISING: Empowerment Program engages girls in weekly program to support them to build self-confidence, create social connections, and develop critical thinking skills.  Girls participate in a range of activities including team building, indoor and outdoor physical activity, preparing and sharing healthy snacks, media literacy skills building, arts activism and special events.

This free program is open to all girls ages 9-13.

This program offers:

  • Girls Rising weekly group provides girls with an ongoing space to have fun, be active and creative and connect with other girls
  • Girls have opportunities to make new friends and develop positive relationships
  • opportunities to explore issues such as building self-esteem, understanding media, creating arts and media, girls rights and feminism, positive body image development, what safety means to us
  • opportunities to connect with positive role models
  • support and resources from Girls Rising Staff
  • special events and trips including nature experiences

We believe:

  • IF girls* are able to access safe(r) girls*-only space to freely be themselves, make friends, gain skills, develop their voices and take the lead to create change;
  • THEN they will enter high school with an increased social-safety net and community connections, with a the confidence to speak up and with the critical thinking skills required to navigate the complexity of issues and pressures that put teen girls at risk in their high school years.

(*We use girls to include all self-identified girls as well as those questioning their gender identity)

Our goals are:

  • to create girls*-inclusive and diversity-positive space
  • to provide girls with opportunities to develop critical-thinking-skills through media awareness and education
  • to support girls to speak-up through media creation, art and activism
  • to provide girls with a range of diverse female role models
  • to build girl peer support networks and enhance connections between women and girls in our community
  • to support girls’ capacity to make healthy and safe choices


Caitlin & Anna

Our program is funded through the Canadian Women’s Foundation who support girls in Canada to move into confidence by funding dynamic programs that engage their body, mind, and spirit. Visit their website at for more information.