Admin & Community Support

The Community Resource Centre provides a wide variety 

of supports to the community.

Admin & Community Support

By listening in a nonthreatening, non-judgmental, and confidential manner, our staff have supported and helped clients understand their situations and worked to empower them to make informed decisions about possible solutions. The CRC has assisted people who are in crisis and in emergency situations. The CRC has also advocated on behalf of individuals who need additional support. 

‌We offer:
‌ to organizations, groups and individuals in the form of meeting space.

‌to individuals with filling out forms and applications. CRC staff can assist community members with finding and printing government forms. If you need assistance filling out a form contact our office and we may be able to help you by providing computer and internet access, or form support. 

‌which are free for the public to use.

Admin & office services
‌faxes, photocopying (b&w & colour), email, laminating & scanning copies to email.

‌Volunteer Tax Clinic
‌for folks in need who meet the income threshold. 

Community Bulletin Board
‌with events, job opportunities and CRC news.

Contact us

Call (613) 757 3108