Game ON!.

  The Game ON! program is a FREE activity program that works to create a healthier youth community by offering sports and recreation activities.  

Game ON!

Designed for participants in grades 3 – 8, Game ON! has a variety of activities to keep young people active and having fun during their free time.

‌Game ON! Participants have an opportunity to:
‌- Challenge themselves to learn new skills  
‌- Make new friends  
‌- Build confidence 
‌- Play fun games and sports 
‌- Create arts and crafts with local artists 
‌- Explore their community 
‌- Identify and undertake projects

We offer:
‌Each week, program begins with Game ON! staff meeting program participants in their school. The biggest challenges many rural families face when choosing a recreation program are the costs of participation and transportation. Game ON! addresses these concerns by offering FREE programs that start at school so that parents are only required to arrange pickup. 

‌Social & Emotional Literacy
‌Game ON! provides participants with an opportunity to develop a better understanding of their social and emotional needs, and those of others around them. Activities are designed to support participants in understanding and managing emotions, improving self-expression and growing self-esteem. Participants also practice problem-solving, active listening, cooperation. and team building. Game ON! is an excellent environment for children who are confident in social interactions and for those who are still working to develop their skills. Groups are inclusive, inviting, and are an excellent place to build new friendships. 

‌Healthy Snacks
‌Game ON! provides all program participants with a healthy snack each week. Participants are broken into teams and take turns helping with preparation, serving, and cleanup. This provides an opportunity for education around making healthy food choices and safe food preparation. Snacks are designed to be nutritious, yummy, and easily replicated by participants at home. Special dietary needs are accounted for so that everyone can enjoy. Please be sure to identify all dietary needs clearly on our registration forms. 

‌Game ON! is designed to teach participants Fundamental Movement Skills as defined by Canada Sport for Life. Weekly program activities are designed to highlight and practice one skill such as hitting, kicking, throwing or running. Youth who master these fundamental skills before participating in organized sport are proven to have a much higher success rate in their chosen sport, and report higher levels of enjoyment and longer engagement. Game ON! makes activity FUN and accessible for every child!

Youth Engagement
‌We believe that Game ON! belongs to the youth who attend the program. Each community participating in Game ON! offers individual activity options, different community facilities, and most importantly, unique young people. During each Game ON! session, participants have an opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities. Options youth often select include art, music, special holiday-related activities, community projects, and more. Our goal is to engage Game ON! youth in their local communities, which already have so much to offer!           
“Thanks for your work with the After School Programs in our area. It is so important for the kids - and from a Teachers' perspective, it is really the highlight of the day!” 
Local teacher

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