The Impact program creates an opportunity for youth to maintain and/or establish new connections to youth programming, younger children, 

their peers, safe adults, and the community. 


Mentoring provides a chance for youth to develop leadership skills, plan activities, and contribute to decision making and youth program strategic planning. 

‌Impact participants have opportunities to learn: 
‌- Group decision making 
‌- Youth leadership skills 
‌-  Event planning  
‌- Safer social media use 
‌- Critical thinking skills 
‌- Active Bystander skills 
‌- Healthy eating  
‌- Active living 
‌- Community involvement 
‌- Confidence building 
‌- Youth-led goal setting 
‌- Healthy relationships 

‌We offer: 
‌Through opportunities for older youth to establish and maintain connections to youth programming, younger children, peers, adults, and their communities. 

‌By allowing mentors to take the lead with games, snack preparation and group decision making. Our mentors encourage participation and role model-positive group involvement. 

‌By providing opportunities for youth to come together from different community programs to cultivate healthy peer relationships and strong group dynamics.
What being a mentor means to me is having the opportunity to teach kids new things. Being supportive. If kids are struggling or having a hard time with something, always being there as someone they can talk to and helping them feel comfortable with me. Making everyone feel included in all of the activities. I was very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this because I know how important programs for kids are in small communities. 
Youth Mentor, age 15


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